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Unisex Adult Halloween Mike Myers Costume Overalls & Mask Set

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Adult Halloween Mike Myers Costume Fancy Dress Overalls & Mask Set

Get ready to spook and amuse with our Adult Halloween Horror Mike Myers Costume Fancy Dress Overalls & Mask! 🎃 Become the embodiment of terror and suspense with this iconic ensemble that includes overalls and a mask 😱

👻 Features That Will Haunt You:

Complete Set: This sinister set includes both the chilling mask and the overalls you need to step into the shoes of the legendary Michael Myers. It's a one-stop-shop for your Halloween transformation! 🎭

Don't Forget the Mask: While the overalls and mask are sold together, you can still purchase the mask separately if you're just looking for that perfect finishing touch to your Halloween look. 💀🎭

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted from a lightweight and comfortable 150-160 gsm blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, our costume is designed for ease of wear. You'll be able to haunt the night away without any discomfort. 👻

Plenty of Pockets: With two chest pockets, two swing pockets, and two back pockets, our overalls are not only authentic but practical too. You'll have plenty of space to carry your sinister secrets...or just some Halloween candy. 🍬🍭

Versatile for Any Occasion: While it's perfect for Halloween, this costume isn't limited to just one night of scares. It's also a fantastic choice for historic-themed parties, carnivals, dress-up events, and more. Be prepared to spook on multiple occasions! 🎉

Embrace the horror, unleash your inner Mike Myers, and get ready for a Halloween night that will be etched in the memories of all who cross your path. Made from lightweight and soft materials, this costume is a comfortable choice for haunting the night away. So, why wait? Grab your Adult Halloween Horror Michael Myers Costume Fancy Dress Overalls & Mask now and get ready to send shivers down spines at every turn! 😈