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Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Pyjamas Short Sleeve T-shirt and Shorts Pyjama Set

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Get your little hero ready for bedtime adventures with the Nickelodeon Kids Boys Paw Patrol Pyjamas! 🐾✨ 

Perfect for ages 3-8 years, this fun pyjama set features a short sleeve T-shirt and comfy shorts, keeping your child cozy all night long.

The T-shirt comes in two exciting colour options: blue sleeves or light grey sleeves, both showcasing the cheerful "ADVENTURE PUP" print. Your child will love the playful graphics of their favourite Paw Patrol characters, Marshall and Chase, ready to take on any nighttime mission. 🚒🐶🚓

Made from soft, breathable fabric, this pyjama set is perfect for warm nights and energetic dreams. Whether your little one is saving the day or drifting off to sleep, they’ll feel like part of the Paw Patrol team. 🌙💤

Gear up for bedtime with the Nickelodeon Kids Boys Paw Patrol Pyjamas and let the adventures begin! 🛌🎉

Material: 95% Cotton 5% Viscose