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Over The Knee School Socks

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Introducing our Over-The-Knee School Socks – the perfect blend of style and coziness for your child's school days! 🎒🧦

Crafted with care using a special blend of materials – 80% cotton, 18% nylon, and 2% Lycra – these socks are designed to provide the ultimate comfort while keeping your child looking stylish. Not just any socks, these are a work of art in construction, ensuring your child's feet are pampered with the luxury they deserve.

Concerned about those long school days? Worry no more! Our socks are designed for supreme breathability, making sure your child's feet stay fresh and comfy throughout their busy day. No more squirming or shoe adjustments – these socks are here to keep your child's feet snug and happy.

Let's talk colors! We've curated a range of shades that suit every taste. From the classic Black to the enigmatic Charcoal, the pristine White, and the timeless Navy – these socks can be effortlessly paired with uniforms or any outfit, giving your child the freedom to express their style.

And the convenience factor? We've got that covered too! Over-The-Knee School Socks come in both 2 Pair Packs and 4 Pair Packs, ensuring your child is always ready with a clean pair. Say goodbye to the last-minute sock hunt!

We've made sure these socks are a perfect fit for UK sizes 4 to 6 and EUR sizes 35 to 37. No more slipping or tugging – just comfort all day long.

Why settle for ordinary when you can give your child the gift of LittleComfort? Let them step into school days with confidence, style, and the assurance of cozy feet. Add a touch of comfort to their journey, one step at a time! 🌟👣